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4 Benefits of Call Tracking Software

Software for call tracking is used to track and record information from the incoming telephone calls, allowing businesses as well as marketers who run PPC or Pay Per Call, local SEO as well as other offline and online call based marketing campaigns to be able to integrate phone calls with marketing channels that are driving them.

In the next lines, you are going to uncover the features that are standard with various call tracking solutions and at the same time, will help you in solving problems that your company may face.

Number 1. Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic number insertion is basically the foundation of an effective call tracking. This feature is swapping out numbers dynamically from your own pool of telephone numbers so by that, you can correlate the incoming calls with the specific sources. Swapping phone numbers dynamically let you to monitor the source of incoming calls too similar to marketing campaign or specific advertisement.

Number 2. Multi-channel Attribution

By using call tracking in determining which source droves a call is wonderful but having the ability to track the entire journey of the customer leading up to their call is a lot better. With multichannel attribution, this is giving you the capability of seeing each touchpoint that has led to the phone call, which include campaign that drove the caller to your site, which websites they have interacted with and also, the last action that they took prior to calling you.

Number 3. Call Recording

Call recording is vital for the QAs of every call made. How could you know how well your agents perform in handling custom calls unless you are recording them? This is important with regards to the aforementioned calls and lead quality problems, enabling you to verify that you're driving qualified leads back to your business.

Number 4. Integration

Call tracking should not take the place of an already existing analytics platform rather, it must further enhance it. A lot of cloud call tracker​ is integrated with programs you depend on, on a regular basis similar to Google Analytics and AdWords, which gives you the full pictures of your return of investments.

Call tracking could just be the game changer that your business is waiting in order to get into the root of who their consumers are and to what marketing channels are driving the call. Gaining an in-depth view to caller behavior and demographics are giving businesses an edge over their rivals and ultimately, help them get more leads and of course, win customers.

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